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PCBflow – The PCB DFM online solution

Connects designers and manufacturers for instant PCB DFM analysis

PCBflow is an online tool and collaboration space that accelerates the design-to-manufacturing handoff process by connecting designers directly with manufacturers.

PCBflow enables a PCB DFM analysis using the current constraints for a specific manufacturer during the early stages of the design process, reducing design iterations, costs and ‎time-to-market.

Why choose PCBflow for PCB DFM online analysis?

Saves time and costs

You can create mature designs earlier in the design-to-manufacturing handoff process by addressing manufacturability issues already during the design phase. PCBflow is a DFM PCB solution that guides designers through the manufacturability design errors, including manufacturing risk analysis.

Connects designers and manufacturers

Performs specific PCB DFM (design for manufacturing) analysis based on the actual process capabilities of a chosen manufacturer. PCBflow allows designers to review and track updates in the context of design violations, minimizing back-and-forth with manufacturing partners and making it simple to validate and optimize designs.

Fast and easy

As a cloud-based tool, PCBflow requires no installation or configuration. Designers can simply upload ODB++Design files into the secure cloud environment and select one or more manufacturers to apply process capabilities to the DFM analysis.

Secure cloud environment

PCBflow incorporates the strict security standards of Siemens software, reducing risk and protecting intellectual property (IP). With PCBflow, designers can run PCB DFM analysis safely in a secure cloud environment with no IT investment.

PCB DFM linking Designers and Manufacturers

PCB DFM with PCBflow

PCBflow is a Software as a service (SaaS) solution that incorporates the strict security standards of Siemens software, reducing risks and protecting intellectual property (IP). Manufacturers can feel safe sharing their manufacturing constraints, and designers feel safe running PCB DFM analysis for their products. With PCBflow, both parties can be confident working together in a secure cloud environment.

PCBflow enables quick and secure connections between an OEM and EMS company or designers and their manufacturing partners.

Security is assured because the connection requires approval of both sides. Once a connection is established by the request’s recipient, PCBflow collaboration is enabled between the two parties. Manufacturers can upload and privately share their advanced manufacturing rules with their approved designer network.

Through PCBflow, designers and manufacturers can communicate directly and exactly how they need to for exchanging information for PCB DFM. By sharing data at an early stage, the design can be validated against the manufacturer’s specific constraints, accelerating the handoff process to manufacturing.

With manufacturing-specific capabilities built into PCBflow, designers can ensure manufacturability, saving time and decreasing callbacks to the manufacturers.

Find out more about PCBflow

Download the brochure to learn more about PCB DFM online analysis with PCBflow

PCBflow makes PCB DFM Accessible For Any Business Size

Fully automated online PCB DFM
Fully automated online DFM based on real manufacturer data
Detailed PCB DFM errors
Detailed DFM errors and violations report that is easy to understand and act on
Powered by Valor Registered patent technology
Powered by Valor
Registered patent technology
Easily run multiple PCB DFM runs
Easly run multiple DFM runs throughout the design without the need to wait for your manufacturer

White Paper

Designers can log in to the secure online service and run DFM analysis against data from a selection of PCB manufacturers to select the one that most closely matches their needs for production. This white paper describes the users' experience of Siemens Corporate-Technology (Designer), and Nistec (Manufacturer).

What’s new in PCBflow

Quick Pricing powered by Boardera

quick pricing in pcbflowDesigners can instantly see updated cost and availability information for bill of material (BOM) components using the BOM Pricing and Sourcing Tool. They can immediately get an accurate price estimate for the manufacturing and assembly of any design, simply by requesting a QuickPrice from within PCBflow.

This new feature enables any PCB manufacturer to create a proprietary pricing model via the Boardera online platform, which will then qualify them as QuickPrice providers within PCBflow. Each request generates a lead that is sent automatically to the manufacturer.

BOM Sourcing and Pricing

BOM Sourcing and Pricing in PCBflow with SupplyframeMitigate BOM sourcing risks. Powered by SupplyFrame, PCBflow provides instant access to component sourcing data from over 80 vendorsincluding pricingavailabilitycompliance, and lifecycle data. Long-lead products, obsolete/alternative components, and second vendors are all examples of sourcing risks that can be identified and mitigated in real time.

PCBflow BOM sourcing provides the latest part availability information from preferred suppliers.

  • Minimum Order Quantity: Compare the required quantity to the MOQ.
  • Alternative components: We suggest component substitutes and their suppliers.
  • Obsolete items: When a component is crucial, and it is in risk – PCBflow helps find an alternative in advance – with just a click!
  • View suggested component alternatives and easily make substitutions where needed.
BOM Validation

valor parts libraryDesign for Manufacturing analysis powered by PCBflow enables BOM validation based on manufacturer part numbers using the Valor Part Library Database and exposes component placement problems and potential assembly issues. 

In DFA, standard VPL part geometry will be used and analysis will run without any manual intervention required.

New interactive PCBflow results report

PCBflow interactive board viewerPCBflow new report presents a new display of all board layers including accurate component footprint powered by Valor Part Library.
The user can easily navigate between DFM results, search for specific results by category name.

  • Expandable/collapsible DFM results listed by topic
  • Selecting DFM result from list will automatically zoom & display the DFM result in the viewer area
  • Easily copy x-y coordinate of DFM result or mouse for use in design tool
  • Zoom/pan, display/hide layers, select layer color
  • Display DFM category explanation

->View PDF Sample Report

Support for Gerber 274x format

gerber 274x format in pcbflow

While ODB++ is a complete design format and should always be used when available, not everyone has access to it. With this new release, users who lack access to ODB++ or IPC2581 can now easily upload their designs in Gerber 274x format to PCBflow and add missing details before proceeding with DFM analysis. The additional design information enables comprehensive DFM analysis and clarifies design intent to manufacturers. All designs are converted to ODB++ format and stored on PCBflow free of charge.

This enables users to:

  • Easily upload compressed Gerber 274x design files

  • Use the intuitive PCBflow Stackup Manager to specify additional critical design details

  • Drag and drop layer position, select layer type, add copper weight, polarity and drill layer information

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PCBflow – The PCB DFM online solution

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