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PADS Pro Premium DFM

Streamline your PCB Design for Manufacturing to go directly into production.

PADS Pro Premium DFM revolutionizes the way you approach PCB Design for Manufacturing by offering advanced analysis capabilities right within the software. This means you can conduct real-time simulations and assessments, ensuring that your designs are not only functional but also optimized for manufacturing.

Designed with the user in mind, PADS Pro Premium DFM features a highly intuitive interface coupled with robust functionalities. This unique combination allows both novice and experienced designers to navigate complex PCB layouts with ease, thereby accelerating the design process and ensuring a higher degree of accuracy.

Why choose PADS Pro Premium DFM for PCB DFM online analysis?

Seamless Integration

With PADS Pro Premium DFM, you can effortlessly integrate your design and manufacturing processes. This eliminates the need for multiple tools, streamlining your workflow and reducing errors.

Advanced Analysis Capabilities

This software offers advanced analysis options that allow you to optimize your designs for performance and manufacturability. Make data-driven decisions without leaving the design environment.

User-Friendly Interface

PADS Pro Premium DFM comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy even for beginners to navigate through complex designs. Spend less time learning the tool and more time perfecting your designs.

Cost-Effective Solution

By reducing the need for additional software and minimizing errors, PADS Pro Premium DFM proves to be a cost-effective solution. Achieve better results without stretching your budget.

How PADS Pro Premium DFM works

PADS Pro Premium DFM allows you access to DFM analysis capabilities from within the Layout environment and through the online platform PCBFlow. Her is how.

Users with designs uploaded to Connect for PADS Professional can launch a DFM analysis directly from the Layout environment using one of the several DFM profiles that are available through PCBFlow.

Once the analysis is complete, any issues that have been identified are shown in the Hazard Explorer.

Since everything is done from within the Layout environment, problem areas can be addressed immediately by cross-probing to the problem area. Every time an analysis is run, an easy-to-read PDF report of the analysis results is added to the Connect project under the files area in Connect. This makes sure that the results can be tracked and allows other collaborators to review the results.

This feature is integrated into PADS Professional Premium, which delivers everything you need to design your simplest to most complex PCB designs.

White Paper

PADS Professional Premium software provides engineers with an intelligent, integrated, collaborative PCB design flow that meets the needs of hardware design engineers and small workgroups. This paper showcases twelve ways PADS Professional Premium covers your needs whether you are working on the simplest or the most complex PCB designs.

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