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Perform a full DFM Analysis of your PCB prior to Fabrication

CAM350 is the industry de-facto standard for DFM Analysis, including verification, optimization, and output generation to efficiently and effectively drive PCB fabrication. Getting designs quickly through fabrication is a very complex process and effectively managing each operation is the key to moving into high-volume production.

With a solution for every operation, CAM350 manages data input and preparation, through analysis, test, mill, and drill to final bare-board production.

Why choose CAM350 for DFM Analysis?

Streamlines the Transition of Engineering Data into PCBs

CAM350 prepares and optimizes design files for fabrication, from data input through analysis, test, mill and drill, to final bare-board production. Utilizing CAM350 to manage these functions will result in an automated, highly effective process."

Eliminates the risk of delays

Inspecting, preparing, and validating a PCB design prior to release to manufacturing will ease the transition of the design into production. PCB design preparation can eliminate delays by understanding the design complexities and fabrication requirements upfront. "

Visualizes manufacturing data in 3D

CAM350 allows 3D manufacturing data visualization, which provides a virtual model of the PCB to predict how a designers manufacturing data will be integrated and constructed into a finished PCB. Users can explore what the finished PCB will look like at any angle including in between layers when compared to traditional 2D technology."

Guarantees successful electronic products

Having the design manufacturing-ready will result in increased efficiency, less risk of design re-spin, and most importantly, successful electronic products, built faster, at less cost."

DFM Analysis for new levels of Speed, Accuracy, and Excellence

Complications during fabrication lead to production delays, increased time and labor expense, resulting in decreased profitability. CAM350 can safeguard against these setbacks. CAM350 is developed by Downstream Technologies and gives you the ability to effectively manage each operation while increasing productivity, reducing turn-around time, and ensuring top-quality board output. With CAM350 you can achieve new levels of speed, accuracy, and excellence.

  • Seek out and repair manufacturability flaws located in the design
  • Create NC files quickly and accurately
  • Optimize the drill and mill machine performance
  • Streamline tooling with panelization functionality
  • Extract essential data to drive test equipment
  • Optimize test machine performance and probing time
  • Identify collisions, break-outs, and un-probable conditions

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