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Industry Leading PCB Documentation Authoring Tool

BluePrint-PCB imports your PCB CAD data to help you quickly produce comprehensive electronic drawings to drive PCB fabrication, assembly, and inspection processes. BluePrint offers all the functionality you need to develop the high-quality documentation required by all stakeholders in the fabrication and assembly of printed circuit boards.

With BluePrint-PCB you can create custom documentation to meet your specific needs. Unlike the typical PCB CAD tool, BluePrint-PCB was designed from the ground up to be a documentation editor.

Why choose BluePrint-PCB for PCB Documentation Automation?

Automated ECO Process

With BluePrint-PCB engineering groups can expect to reduce the documentation process to a fraction of the time it normally takes - even more, when Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) are required. With ECOs, since all views, details, and charts of the PCB remain linked to the original PCB CAD data, they are instantaneously refreshed in BluePrint whenever the original CAD data is changed.

Automated Documentation Process

BluePrint-PCB imports the entire PCB CAD database once to automatically create and link unlimited PCB views and details while maintaining the design intelligence and overcoming the constraints imposed by both PCB and mechanical CAD alternatives. The result is an electronic document which better articulates the instructions for successful PCB manufacturing.

3D documentation to minimize defects and delays

3D visualization and documentation of manufacturing data allow you to minimize manufacturing defects and delays in production. A truly integrated 2D/3D environment for improved PCB post-processing helps you to automate, streamline and dramatically improve PCB Documentation.

Import PCB Design Data from Multiple Sources

Import PCB CAD data created in industry-leading PCB design tools from Siemens, Cadence, Zuken, Altium, and others. Import the data using industry-standard file-formats including ODB++, IPC-2581, and PADS ASCII. Augment your documentation with data imported in DXF, PDF, CSV, ODBC, JPEG, AVI, or many other formats.

Importance of a Complete Documentation

PCB Documentation creates the manufacturing specification for an electronic product. Comprehensive Documentation records the engineering "intent" of a Design specifying the form, fit, and function of the PCB.

Documentation drives the procurement process, aids manufacturing engineering, and is used in final inspection to verify the product was built to engineering's specification. It also gets archived to ensure later production runs can be repeated with the same level of consistent quality. PCB Documentation must capture all of the information necessary to not only build the product today but also any repeat builds in the future, eliminating any guesswork.

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Blueprint PCB


BluePrint PCB imports your PCB CAD data to help you quickly produce comprehensive electronic drawings...

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