Cadlog Technology Day 2021

Smart Manufacturing: the digital factory live

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What does Smart Manufacturing actually mean?

This year's Cadlog Technology Day focused on it: to show - live - what it concretely means to digitize production and explain all the benefits along a real SMT line.

We broadcasted the event directly from the production plant of Life Elettronica and brought more than 600 people with us along a real SMT line. It was a valuable opportunity to learn more about a production digitization project, the real impact on a production plant, and the specific features of Siemens solution for electronics manufacturing.

We also had the chance to discover in advance the coming news from the new Siemens EDA division. We deepened the most interesting topics together with Cadlog and Siemens experts during our Question & Answer session.

If you weren't able to attend the event, you can still get into the heart of Smart Manufacturing and see concretely which steps companies like yours have already taken to remain competitive on the market.

Cadlog Technology Day 2021

Discover what Smart Manufacturing actually means

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