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Cadlog 360: the new frontier of innovation in electronics

Collaboration within a single design flow.

The upcoming breakthrough in electronics is not another disruptive technology but a working environment able to integrate and connect existing technologies with those who use them. A collaborative environment in which designers and engineers are able to work in absolute freedom, anywhere and anytime on the same project and on several projects simultaneously, automatically updating their colleagues in regard to ongoing changes and necessary revisions.

The strategic acquisition of Mentor by Siemens was the foundation for working specifically towards this goal, which has now become a concrete reality, ready to carry the entire industry to the future of electronics.

Today, thanks to Siemens Digital Industries' integrated design and manufacturing flow and our experience of 35 years in electronics, we are able to launch Cadlog 360, the first collaborative suite of technologies and services dedicated to the design and production of finished products for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Cadlog 360 guarantees electronic customers the best performances, cost reduction, high reliability, and scalability, for a long-term sustainable investment.


With Cadlog 360 you have access to a collaborative environment in which:

ECAD-MCAD Collaboration

Electronic and mechanical CAD dialogue with each other in real-time and within a continuous conceptual flow.

PIN optimization

Firmware design and verification are integrated within the hardware structure in order to optimize I/O PINs.

Predictive simulations

Predictive simulations can be run right from the early stages, without ever leaving the project flow.

Manufacturability verification

The manufacturability of a project can be verified already in the engineering phase.

Smart production

You can move to smart production ensuring optimization of processes, materials, quality, and costs.


With Cadlog 360 you have access to best-in-class technologies for the design of electronic devices that guarantee the highest performances, reliability, and scalability over time. Discover the software solutions selected to build the world's first collaborative environment:

PADS Professional

Everything a design team needs for PCB Design.

PADS Professional is Siemens' cost-effective, smart and integrated PCB design and verification flow, tailored for hardware engineers and small design teams. PADS Professional uses the Xpedition technology, which was exclusively available to large companies with high investment capacities until just a few years ago.

PADS Professional provides all tools and functionalities that enable the company and the engineering team to grow according to market demands:

ECAD-MCAD collaboration

Routing automation

Design Rules Check

Rigid-Flex Design

Mixed A/D signal simulation

Signal Integrity analysis

Integrated thermal simulation

Design for Manufacturing

With PADS Professional, individual designers and small design teams have a complete set of tools to carry all types of projects – from the simplest to the most complex – into production quickly and without errors.

PADS Professional Apps

3 powerful native cloud applications that boost PADS Professional's productivity.

A new suite of APPs with an attractive cost per user, ensuring that anyone can access the power of PADS Professional without barriers.

PartQuest Portal APP

Offers the building blocks to design new products quickly; a portal to millions of parts with associated ECAD library templates, which can be downloaded to the local library. In addition, customized symbols and personalized packages can be created in a fast and easy way.

Supply Chain APP

Component sourcing intelligence within the schematic tool Designer. It provides engineers and designers with real-time component supply data, enabling them to take more informed decisions with respect to the cost of change.

Connect APP

A shared workspace to manage, share and visualize electronic design data. It allows escaping the isolation of the desktop workspace and collaboration with colleagues, wherever they are, through design data management, BOMs, team sharing, visualization, and markup.

Solid Edge

The best mechanical CAD for electronics.

Thanks to synchronous technology, Solid Edge is the only CAD solution that combines the speed and simplicity of direct modelling with the flexibility and control of parametric modelling.

Solid Edge reduces design iteration and time-to-market for complex electromechanical products by enabling collaboration with Siemens electronics solutions, such as PADS Professional and Xpedition for PCB Design, FLOEFD for simulation, and Solid Edge Wiring & Harness Design for electrical design.

Solid Edge is easy to become familiar with, has a very intuitive interface, provides extreme flexibility in the design phase, and allows electronic and mechanical designers to remain within their respective work environments while efficiently communicating design intent, such as PCB footprints, component placement, mounting holes, etc.


The unique 3D CFD solution within CAD software dedicated to designers.

Simcenter FLOEFD helps shorten the design cycle time and get your products to market faster by moving 3D CFD analysis and simulation upstream in the design process and simplifying it for designers to utilize.

FLOEFD was created specifically for electronics and is the only solution with ad hoc modules such as:

LED module

The LED module for simulation in the lighting sector.

Power Electrification module

The Power Electrification module for the simulation of battery packs.


Which allows the import of PCB design projects from any ECAD system through ODB++

Other modules

New modules dedicated to structural and electromagnetic simulation.

FLOEFD includes several libraries of ready-to-use electronic components, fans, heatsinks, and much more. Complete integration with the 3D mechanical CAD (Solid Edge, NX, Creo, Catia, and Solidworks) allows easy exploration of the design space to create better designs, faster.


With Cadlog 360 you become part of Siemens Digital Industries ecosystem, the first environment able to eliminate internal company silos, facilitate the exchange of information between various departments – from mechanical to electronic – and ensure that the focus remains on company objectives in respect to divisional priorities. One of the fundamental principles driving not only the sustainability of a project but also the overall sustainability of a company.

With Cadlog 360, the technology of the future is now accessible to every designer!

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