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How expensive is your free software?

In the electronics manufacturing space, machine-specific software is often supplied "as included" and free of charge. But these "free" stencil, SPI, pick-and-place, test, and inspection software packages can have bed consequences for a Company, leading to increased costs and reducing profitability, due to:


  • Duplication of effort, as process engineers may need to manipulate the same input data using different, machine-specific programs.
  • Data inconsistencies that result from using different part and package libraries – even when running different generations of software from the same vendor.
  • Lack of interfaces to other machines – especially if they are supplied by a different vendor.

The lack of a "single point of truth" caused by the lack of integration between different software packages can become a very serious risk, capable of compromising the efficiency of an entire production plant.

Valor Process Preparation is the solution
Siemens Solution Partner Smart Expert

That's why big industrial players like Siemens Digital Industries have developed technologies able to create a single container and overcome all those problems of consistency and reliability of data that did not allow the correct optimization of production, arriving in the most extreme cases to mislead the management in taking the most strategic decisions.

Today, thanks to technological tools such as Valor Process Preparation you can:


  • Accelerate NPI programs by eliminating redundant steps and increasing efficiency through automation and the use of libraries and learning models.
  • Build a single container for all common data, regardless of the machines and outputs supported. A "single point of truth" that is complete and validated.

Want to dig deeper into this topic and understand how this methodology is already helping companies like yours achieve a level of data accuracy and consistency that would be impossible to achieve using free software?

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