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Discover the new PADS Professional Cloud APPS

Streamline design-to-manufacturing collaboration with Siemens secure, cloud-based solutions.

three powerful cloud native applications that amplify the productivity of PADS Professional

Connecting the engineer's desktop with the component and partner ecosystem they rely on to develop innovative products.

PartQuest Portal
PartQuest Supply Chain
Connect for PADS Professional

PartQuest Portal app.

Gateway to billions of high-quality eCAD models and other component services based on “Essential” capabilities.

Supply Chain app.

Delivers realtime component sourcing intelligence within Designer schematic tool.


Connect for PADS Pro app.

Collaboration workspace to manage, share, and visualize electronics design data.


Future Technology is within the reach of every designer, now!

PADS Professional Cloud APPS

Part Quest

Provides the building blocks to design new products fast: a searchable catalog of 8M parts & ECAD library model content that can be downloaded, & the ability to create custom symbols & footprints.

Supply Chain

Empowers engineers with real-time component sourcing data to make more informed part decisions when cost-of-change is lowest.


Go beyond your desktop work environment and seamlessly collaborate with teammates worldwide via design data management, BOM management, team sharing, visualization, and markup.

PADS Professional APPS suite: The future of PCB Design.


“The PADS Professional App Suite allows you to have that engineer next-to-you experience – so you can flag an area of the board and quiz that component in a web browser.”

-Ben Dowding, CEO and lead engineer Taylor Dowding Innovation Ltd.

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