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Everything you need to accelerate innovation in one Unified Solution

With Polarion you can connect teams and projects and improve application development processes with a unified solution for requirements, coding, testing, and release.

Polarion allows you to remain competitive with your software in a market that requires ever more complex products, ever shorter time to market, zero-footprint, and global collaboration.

Why choose Polarion for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?


Polarion ALM enables teams to collaborate on shared assets easily and securely. You can control who can see what, who can change what, and when, via granular permission controls and robust configurable workflow automation.

A platform for Single Source of Truth; Multi-Domain collaboration; Automated Workflow Management; Zero Client Footprint; Agile friendly.


With Polarion ALM you can ensure completeness of the information about every step in a development process. Every step is just a click away – starting with modified lines of code up to high-level change requests.

Automated Compliance; Deep Granular Relationships; Granular Code Traceability; Documents Traceability; Object Traceability; Process Traceability; Historical Traceability.


Studies reveal that 60 to 80 percent of requirements, code, and tests are shared between projects. With Polarion ALM, you can re-use or branch your data for an effective sequential or parallel project and product line development.

Reuse Based Development; Reuse Requirements; Reuse Tests Cases; Reuse Objects; Reuse Code.


For regulated development environments, using Polarion automates proof of compliance through easily customized preconfigured workflow templates that help automate routine processes so that no steps are ever missed or bypassed.

Polarion is the first ALM solution to be certified for compliance with ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 standards for functional safety.

How the V-model is applied in a Polarion project

Global teams can efficiently collaborate in Polarion with always the latest information at their fingertips - in the context of the project (this means no other media is needed!), with all information in the project realizing a “closed-loop” where everything is linked and traceable.

All information is always the “latest source of truth”, i.e. real-time information that can be visualized in real-time dashboards/reports to overview the status at any point in time.

Traceability goes “up and down” in the V-model and from left to right, requirements to verification and vice versa on different levels in the V-model.

Siemens Polarion ALM is a platform that scales both in managing thousands of Requirements Management, Test and Verification artifacts and scales to many thousands of users and teams worldwide.

Information is shared and visible between users, roles, and disciplines as you chose to define the access, all configurable.

V-model in a Polarion project

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Download the Datasheet to learn more about how to connect teams and projects and improve application development processes

Polarion ALM - A Unified Application Lifecycle Management Solution

Accelerating innovation with unified application lifecycle management

White Paper

This ALM-focused white paper discusses how shortened product and software release intervals combined with the complexities of global ecosystems have introduced many new challenges and risks, and highlights a common set of success factors that enable leading companies to surmount these complexities with real-time collaboration, roles-based transparency, and comprehensive traceability.

Polarion Benefits

Reduction in time spent authoring
Times faster in Document Handling
Time savings in Traceability Management
Less Effort through intelligent Re-Use

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