Pink Scholarship to sustain girls education

A project born to help girls accessing to education in developing countries

Cadlog sustains girls education in India

What is the problem?

Despite progress, the goal of making primary education universal is still far away. According to United Nations data worldwide, more than 61 million children aged 6-11 are unable to attend school. Including also secondary education, there are more than 260 million children and young people outside the school system: 70% of them live in the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia and more than half of them are girls. In the poorest countries, only 36% of males in secondary school age are enrolled in school, and this data falls to 30% for females. According to UNICEF, 31 million girls in the world do not have access to elementary school and 32 million at lower secondary.

What are the obstacles?

Among the most important obstacle we can find :

  • A lack of schools
  • A lack of adequate infrastructures to accommodate girls
  • Violence and corporal punishment in the school environment
  • A lack of female teachers
  • Domestic work to be done at home
  • Early marriages and/or pregnancies
  • Difficult contexts leading to long journeys and lack of transport
  • The lack of parents
  • General poverty
  • Low importance given to education

What can we do?

Since 2018, Mission Bambini is promoting “Pink Scholarships” in collaboration with local partners: scholarships to support deserving or poor female students during their studies, helping them to achieve a diploma, professional qualification, or a degree. Secondary female education can have a significant impact on changing the role of women in society :

  • It helps to break the cycle of individual and nationwide poverty
  • It prevents early and arranged marriages, and reducing childbirth mortality
  • It doubles the likelihood that their children will themselves go to school

Cadlog’s “Pink Scholarship” Project: help 30 young girls in Markpur, India

30 girls in India will beneficiate from the Pink Scholarship and will be enrolled in secondary and tertiary schools. More specifically our donation will allow ensuring access to schools to girls providing them with:

  • Two school uniforms
  • Schoolbags
  • Books
  • Educational materials
  • Accommodation at boarding school for those who live too far away
  • Three meals a day
  • Recreational and play activities
  • Access to secondary and tertiary education to ensure sustainability in the process of development of rural communities
Celine WagnerPink Scholarship to sustain girls education