Business to People (CSR)

Our Projects in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Making the world a better place is Cadlog’s philosophy. As an international company, we have a big responsibility in influencing society, and if we want the goals of Agenda 2030 to be reached we all have to make our part. Through the years we got involved in many aspects of sustainability such as nature and animal protection. We planted the “Forest of Electronics”, that keeps growing with each new customer, and helped protect the bees by adopting hives. This year we are taking part in a social project with the “Pink Scholarship” together with Mission Bambini. 

“Pink Scholarship” Project

Helping 30 Indian young girls to go to school

Cadlog sustains girls education in India

30 girls in India will beneficiate from the Pink Scholarship and will be enrolled in secondary and tertiary schools. Watch the video:

Together for a better world: the Cadlog Forest

A tree for each new customer: together we can do our part for a better world

Together for a better world

For Cadlog 2018 has been a fantastic year. The year of the partnership with Siemens, but also of exceptional economic results in the 3 main countries where we operate, Italy, France and Spain. We wanted to celebrate and given that our company has always been very attentive to social issues, we have decided to create something useful for everyone. We are convinced that everyone – including companies – must do their part for the welfare of society.

The meeting with Treedom has opened our eyes. We have understood that faced with the challenges of climate change, the simple and ancient action of planting a tree can really change everything. So we built a forest of 700 cocoa trees in Cameroon, one for each of our customers. After that, we plant a new tree every time a new customer arrives.

Working in partnership with our customers is our secret to allow them to make even better products. We will do the same with these trees, because it is only together that we can achieve a better world.

Why a Tree?

All trees help the environment: they absorb CO2, they produce oxygen, they contribute to biodiversity and much more. Treedom’s trees also help the farmers involved in their projects in Cameroon and all over the world.

Together for a better world

A cocoa tree in Cameroon, like those in the Forest of the Electronic Industry planted by Cadlog.

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